Welcome to the Dalhousie Urban Garden! We are a Student Run, Student Funded Dalhousie Society that aims to add more green space to both Halifax and Dalhousie. We are open to all students and the public alike! Come check us out, behind the Goldberg Computer Science Building on Dalhousie’s Studley Campus (on Henry Street).



The Dalhousie Urban Garden is a student-run, student-funded community garden situated on Dalhousie University’s Studley Campus. We are funded by a Dalhousie Student Levy and operate as a Type I student society under the Dalhousie Urban Garden. The Dalhousie Urban Garden Society (DUGS) oversees garden operations and directs programming. We value skill sharing and collaborative learning. DUGS hosts workshops on food preservation, container gardening, herbal medicine and more, offered by our volunteers or community members.

The Dalhousie Urban Garden functions as common pool garden space, we produce going to our volunteers and back to students via the Loaded Ladle and/or Dalhousie Food Bank. Our primary purpose is not large volume food production, but we seek to maximize our land and ensure no food is wasted.

You can view our updated mission statement and purpose here.

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Upcoming Events

Come out to one of our Community Garden Days which are every Sunday at 11am, or check out one of our workshops! If we are having an event, you will find it here!

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Get Involved

DUGS hosts Urban Gardening Days most Sundays at 11am. Students and community members alike are welcome to come plant, tend the garden, and harvest some seasonal produce to take home with them. Snacks are also provided! We also welcome volunteer feedback and involvement in planning and programming.

Come hang out with the cool veggies and people alike, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on more events, harvests and gardening days!

Contact Us

There are plenty of ways to contact us! Do you have a question, comment or concern? We are always open to suggestions!

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E-mail us at dalhousieurbangarden@gmail.com

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