#1: First Garden Blog!

Hi Everyone! This is the very first Dalhousie Urban Garden Soceity (DUGS) blog post! So welcome to our blog!

This will be a short blog, I only want to outline what the Dal Urban Garden blog will look like and what to look forward too! The goal for this blog is to get many different voices talking about garden. You will likely hear from us (the executives of the DUGS) quite often, while we will also post some blog posts from the members of the society and the public.

The focus of the blog will be to talk about anything related to gardening. Things like when to plant certain things, how to maintain certain crops, profiles on invasive species and weeds as well as crop profiles, recipes and how to use some crops, fertilizing and even composting.

Keep in touch with us here or get weekly newsletters from us by joining our mail chimp mailing list. You can do this on our homepage or by following this link.

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you enjoy our blog. If you have any comments or concerns (or even a submission), you can send us an e-mail at dalhousieurbangarden@gmail.com.

~Landon – External Coordinator at DUGS


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