#2: Fostering Growth

Written by Jennifer Allot

I finally re-potted that plant my partner gave me back in February, and its rich green leaves have come to life in the warm light streaming through the kitchen window. In the living room, more than a dozen pots sweat it out in their seedling tray, harbouring tiny dots of thyme and oregano. Lavender soaks up the sun on the windowsill.

The tiny bit of green and the field of rich brown soil give me a little responsibility and the privilege of contributing to the green of spring. Once the thyme, oregano, and chervil have sprouted and are strong enough to stand the elements on their own, they will be transplanted into the tiered section of the Dalhousie Urban Garden. Joining them will be basil, lavender, sage and more, to provide volunteers and our partners with fresh, bold cooking ingredients.

Currently in the garden beds there are just a few green sprouts of spinach, lettuce, arugula, and turnip, plus the start of some yummy garlic scapes. The haskap bush is studded with buds. Rhubarb stalks are pushing their way to the sky, unearthed from a winter of leaf cover. Everything else is building up strength, taking root underground and shuffling its nutrients towards the sun.

Spring is a time of rebirth, but also a reminder of the patient speed of life. While you wait for your seeds to sprout, plant a pot of blooming pansies on the porch or set a bunch of tulips on the table. The splash of green is invigorating, and reminds us that we are fostering life.


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