#11 Summer Plantings

Spring has come and gone. Quickly, I might add. But that doesn’t mean that planting is over. Actually, it means the exact opposite of that! There are plenty of crops that you can plant even as late as August and still get bountiful harvests. This week, I plan to give you a list of things you can get started just in case you haven’t planted yet, or haven’t gotten rid of the planting fever for this year quite yet!

First frost for the Halifax region is usually in late October. This should give a guideline for when some of the below crops should be planted in order to get beautiful harvests.

Super Hardy


These crops can be planted early to late august, as they will survive heavy frosts and cold weather well. Of course, you can plant these earlier if you can, but don’t feel bad if you don’t get around to it until August! You will still get a harvest!

Cabbage – 50 to 90 days to maturity

Brussel Sprouts – 90 to 100 days to maturity

Collard Greens –  40 to 65 days to maturity

Kale – 40 to 65 days to maturity

Garlic – Harvest following July  (Garlic is overwintered in the ground – plant anytime in the Late summer or fall to harvest the next year)

Radishes – 30 to 60 days to maturity (plant until the soil freezes)



These crops will survive light frosts, but generally will not be able to make heavy frosts or prolonged cold temperatures. I would recommend planting these sooner rather than later, but you could probably get away with planting them late July to early August at the latest!

Beets – 50 to 60 days to maturity

Brocolli – 50 to 70 days to maturity

Cauliflower – 60 to 80 days to maturity

Cilantro – 60 to 70 days to maturity

Green Onion – 60 to 70 days to maturity

Leaf Lettuce – 40 to 60 days to maturity

Mustard Greens – 30 to 40 days to maturity

Spinach – 35 to 45 days to maturity

Swiss Chard – 40 to 60 days to maturity

Turnips – 50 to 60 days to maturity

Cold Tolerant


I say cold tolerant, because they will survive in the fall when it gets a bit colder, but will not survive first frost. Plant these as early as possible to ensure harvest and not a cold death for your crops.

Basil – 30 to 60 days to maturity

Bush Beans – 40 to 65 days to maturity

To finish:

This list is not exclusive, there are many other cold weather crops that would be suitable for a late plant. I hope that this list will give you some ideas for how to start your garden now , or continue planting! Happy planting!

~ Landon Getz – External Coordinator




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