#19 My Time With The Garden

With the cool autumn coming, vegetables and fruits are being harvested and gardeners are thinking about putting their crops to bed for the winter. At the Dalhousie Urban Garden we are building cold frames to extend our season, so we can keep the local produce coming. This summer has been fruitful, with an abundance of berries, vegetables and herbs. It has been educational, as we held workshops for the community, and also educational in that we learned from our mistakes. And because of these mistakes, next year’s garden will be even better.


This summer was the first year I was involved with the Dalhousie Urban Garden, as the Programming Coordinator. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, organize interesting workshops and events, and of course learn even more about gardening. For the past few years I have volunteered at Common Roots Farm and had a plot of my own. This is when my passion for urban farming and gardening really took off, and since then I have been searching for other opportunities to grow.


The Dalhousie Urban Garden was the perfect place to learn because I was constantly working with others in the garden, and learning from others during workshops. I can now recognize even

more berry bushes and perennials than before, I can make delicious pickles in a week, I have pages of notes on how to make a herbal first aid kit, and I know that comfrey can be an incredibly beneficial addition to a garden. I now know that thyme loves sunlight, that edamame can in fact grow in Nova Scotia, that flowers on new blueberry bushes must be picked in order for yields to be higher in years to come, and that white raspberries are delicious.


Although I was only involved with the garden for a short time, I have a special appreciation for DUGS and the little green space behind the Computer Science Building. I hope to be involved with the garden again next summer and can’t wait to get my hands in the soil and start growing some food once again!

~ Mackenzie Childs, Our Oversea’s Programming Coordinator 


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