#24: This Year in a Pea Shell

I’m terribly sorry about the pun in the title (not really). Nutshell…Pea Shell…get it!

The dead of winter is upon us. I find it helpful to look back at last years growing season as a way to avoid losing my mind in the cold, blustery weather. So why not share my daydreaming back in time with everyone? This last year was a busy one at DUGS, but we managed to enjoy every second of it!

Internet Related Things:

This year was great for DUGS social media. We designed and launched our new website (the one your reading this on, in case you didn’t know). We also started a twitter and Instagram account which have been growing since we started them. Twitter and Instagram are a bit more creative than Facebook and it’s fun to be able to show off our produce with beautiful pictures!

img_1994We started a weekly newsletter, sent out every Thursday. Which you can subscribe too using the form below! Every week we try to send out information on this blog, some relevant pictures and upcoming events for our society and for others. You can check it out here.

Lastly we have been writing this blog! Every week in the Summer and bi-weekly in the Fall/Winter. We have had a lot of fun with it, and thank all of you for reading every week.


This year was great for workshops! We partnered with the community for the following workshops:


  • Herbal First Aid w/ Courtney Harris
  • FireCider Making w/ Nicole Marcoux
  • Sprouting Workshop w/ Trade School Halifax
  • Graduate Mental Health Week Support for DHIS
  • Vegetable fermentation w/ April Bartlett
  • Healthy, seasonal, budget friendly cooking w/ the DSU Market
  • Apartment Gardening w/ Loaded Ladle (To The Root Workshop Series)
  • Local Zero-Waste Food w/ YESS SkilledUP


We also hosted a pruning workshop early in the spring, which was run by our executives.

The Regulars

Aside from super exciting things like workshops and internet fun, we also had some regular events. We held a Garden Day almost every Sunday during the growing season (some rainy days aside). We also did some planting on Carleton Campus outside the Tupper Link.

To Finish

We had a great year and we did so many great things, more than I am able to remember. And I’m sure the coming year is going to be even better! With our winter events coming together, the DUGS team is starting to buzz with excitement! Stay tuned (and maybe sign up for that newsletter!!) for updates on the year to come.

~ Landon Getz (External Coordinator)



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