External Coordinator – Landon Getz

Landon Getz is a new executive this year, filling the position of external coordinator. Landon is a third year Microbiology student, who loves being outdoors. Landon has always loved gardening, he grew up helping his family plant their gardens every year. This year he hopes to reach out to more community members and Dalhousie students than ever! Landon is looking forward to an absolutely fantastic summer!

The External Coordinator is responsible, as per the Dalhousie Urban Garden Societies Constitution, to do the following:

  • Be responsible for organizing, promoting and hosting workshops and events in the garden space through physical means such as posters and various means of social media.
  • Be responsible for all community outreach efforts pertaining to the garden.
  • Attend Dalhousie Student Union Society Training Day at the date specified by the Vice President (Internal) of the DSU.
  • Be responsible for establishing an annual vision for the community function that the garden serves, and for how students, student societies and academic groups are able to make use of the space.

For more information on the external coordinator position, feel free to contact us.