Head Gardener – Levi Kingfisher

Levi Kingfisher is a returning member for the 2016-2017 year. He is a fourth year student majoring in Sustainability and Economics. His passion for the environment began in a garden. Returning as the Head Gardener, Levi hopes to use the Dalhousie Community Garden to facilitate similar experiences for other students at Dal. His plans for the following year are simply to grow and share delicious food (including a lot of arugula) throughout the summer and as late into the autumn as possible.

The Head Gardener is responsible, as per the Dalhousie Urban Garden Societies Constitution, for the following:

  • Be responsible for maintaining the Garden grounds and ensuring that plants are well cared for.
  • Coordinate activities and duties for volunteers during work parties and maintain a list of duties that can be accomplished on a drop-in basis.
  • Hold a key to the garden shed.
  • Attend Dalhousie Student Union Society Training Day at the date specified by the Vice President (Internal) of the DSU.
  • Read and understand DSU Society Policy.
  • Be responsible for directing the annual vision for the physical layout and species composition of the garden and grounds.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that their successor is properly transitioned into the role of Head Gardener.
  • Be responsible for reapplying every year for Ratification with the Dalhousie Student Union.
  • Maintain a seed inventory for the garden.

For more information on the head gardener’s roles, feel free to contact us.